Monday, October 04, 2021

Business Transformation and Technology Improvement - Podcast Episode with Michael Cairns



Something a little new for me: I was asked for an interview on Klopotek Radio a few months ago and the episode has just been released.  Here are the release notes which accompanied the broadcast.

I've considered doing a podcast for a few years now and a colleague and I are considering launching something soon.

Release notes:

Business Transformation and Technology Improvement – podcast with Michael Cairns Michael Cairns is the CEO and founder of Information Media Partners, a business strategy consulting firm. With a wide career span in publishing and information products, services, and B2B categories, Michael has held executive roles at several publishing companies including Macmillan, Berlitz, and R.R. Bowker. 

He has also held board positions with the Association of American Publishers, the Book Industry Study Group, and the International ISBN Agency where he served as Chairman. 

In this [Klopotek Radio] episode, Michael shares his experience as a consultant helping content-centric business owners to transform their businesses and improve their technology. He talks about his passion for figuring out problems and setting out a roadmap to solve them. Michael also gives his thoughts on how publishing models and media businesses are transforming and evolving during the pandemic and post-pandemic era. ​ 

Besides that, you will also hear Michael talk about, 

  • How can content-centric firms better assess their business needs for being fit for digital change? 
  • How could companies evaluate their current technology to better understand where they compete? 
  • What organizations can do to achieve a smooth digital transformation. 

The release news of the annual publishing technology market survey, published by Information Media Partners, Publishing Technology Market Report – 2021. Himself, a book lover, and a marathon runner, and why he would like to have dinner with Muhammad Ali and have a coffee with Barack Obama.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to this episode and share it with others you think may be interested.

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