Monday, August 16, 2021

Publishing Technology Software & Services Market Report - 2021 Now Available

A fully revised version of my Publishing Technology Software and Services Report will be formally published on September 15. To complete this report we identified more than 200 software and services companies popular with publishers and conducted in-depth interviews with more than 31 of the most relevant companies. We also spoke with customers to apply their views and opinions about the market and these suppliers.

Special pricing until September 21st: Prepublication price of $950 ($1,500 regular price).  I also include in every purchase up to four hours of consulting time to review the report and answer any specific questions about the market and companies in the report. 

Use the following purchase link to use either Paypal (prefer) or credit card.

In addition to the 'traditional' market map of companies we also decided to get a little more creative to describe the market in a 'subway' map version. 

I hope you find it interesting and informative.

In this 170 page report we cover many operational and functional areas served by these companies including Order to Cash, Financials, Title (Product) Management, Contract Rights and Royalties, Editorial, Production and Scheduling, Subscription Management, Digital Asset Management, Digital Asset Distribution and Content Management Services. 

To produce this report, we interviewed more than 31 companies and approximately 50 people in total. Each interview was approximately 60 mins. We transcribed these interviews and created 3-5 page profiles of each company and included company product information and, in some cases, graphics provided to us by the company.  We have also created our own supplemental information to support the analysis.

This report is informative and relevant for any publisher with technology requirements.

The following companies were profiled in detail:

See how we put together the Subway map here.

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