Wednesday, August 06, 2014

MediaWeek (V7, N31): Bezo's WaPo, Publishing a Book, BitLit, James Garner + More

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The Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at Bezo's WaPo:
At the time of the sale to Bezos, Donald Graham, Weymouth’s uncle and the chairman of The Washington Post Company, explained that he and his niece felt unsure of the direction in which to take the paper, or how to reverse years of declining revenues. He had approached Bezos as a buyer, he said, because the billionaire could offer deep pockets, a digital brain, and, between the two, a way forward.
From The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Things you should know before publishing a book.
You can probably make more money having a first-class yard sale.
WaPo report on the Hachette Amazon feud with the answer to everyone's question: has finally laid out the reasons behind its months-long e-book dispute with Hachette Book Group, arguing that it is advocating for a new pricing and revenue sharing plan that will ultimately boost book sales, lower prices and benefit the entire publishing industry.
Techcrunch: Can BitLit solve the eBook/pBook gap?
This is still a pilot so there aren’t many books, but it’s a clear validation that BitLit’s concept is gaining traction in the publishing world.
Clive James in The Atlantic writes an appreciation of Jimmy Garner.  (And I've been catching up with The Rockford files over the past few weeks - always a great opening sequence).
James Garner, you can bet on it, has never told an important lie in his life. He really is like the men he plays onscreen, even unto the modest requirements symbolized by the humble trailer that serves Jim Rockford for a residence. 
 Three Economist articles that I thought were interesting:
In Estonia - a national digital id scheme might go global.

On competition: The growth in online travel agents.  Interesting because it shows how competitors can develop and grow even when there is a highly dominant competitor.
The digital degree: So demand for education will grow. Who will meet it? Universities face a new competitor in the form of massive open online courses, or MOOCs. These digitally-delivered courses, which teach students via the web or tablet apps, have big advantages over their established rivals.
From the PND Twitter feed:
Lindsay Lohan Wants Fifty Shades Of Grey's EL James To Write Her Biography - Report | EntertainmentWise Tragic.

Building a Better Amazon by

Warner Bros. Snatches Up Movie Rights to ‘The Goldfinch’

Amazon Partners with Warner Bros for Digital First Imprint

Enid Blyton's Famous Five to get big screen adventure  

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