Monday, July 09, 2012

BISG Metadata Summit July 24th.

From their announcement
Product metadata is the connective tissue of the book industry, binding publishers and authors to data aggregators, retailers, and others. But information about the products we sell is only valuable when it's accurate, timely, complete, and updated – and too often, that's not the case.

BISG’s Metadata Summit presents a unique opportunity for executives representing all points in the book supply chain to discuss the benefits and challenges of maintaining quality metadata.

In this intimate, exclusive setting – limited to 25 attendees, director-level and above – Brian O'Leary (Magellan Media Consulting) will present the results of BISG’s new report on Development, Use, and Modification of Book Product Metadata. Publisher and retailer representatives will then engage in a conversation about how industry partners can work together to ensure quality product metadata. A room-wide discussion will follow.


· Brian O’Leary, Founder and Principal, Magellan Media Consulting

· Phil Madans, Director of Publishing Standards and Practices, Hachette Book Group

· Ashleigh Gardner, Director, Content Management, Kobo

· Matt Supko, Technology Director, American Booksellers Association

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