Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BISG's Student Attitudes to Content in Higher Ed

The BISG has released the second installment of their report on student attitudes
Now available to purchase (and at significant discounts for BISG members), Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education, Volume Two, Final Survey Report explores trends and issues in the higher ed market during the 2011-2012 academic year.

This report also integrates some data from BISG’s recent study of Faculty Attitudes, offering a unique comparison between student and faculty perspectives.

Key findings include:
  • Nearly 48 percent of students feel Integrated Learning Systems help with their studying; compare that with 45 percent for the core print textbook and just 37 percent for the e-text.
  • Although relatively few students have tablet devices — just 16 percent compared with 76 percent who own laptops — many are planning to acquire them, and are looking for course content available on these devices.
  • Textbook rentals are on the rise, showing an increase from 8 percent last year to 11 percent this year. Meanwhile, acquisition from Amazon.com rose from 25 to 31 percent, while on-campus bookstores fell from 52 to 46 percent.
In addition to the PDF Survey Report, data from Student Attitudes is available as a dynamic online data set via Real-Time Reporting: a web-based tool which displays raw data – drillable, sortable, and accessible whenever you want it.

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