Friday, May 25, 2012

Auckland Harbor 1972

The date is a bit of a guess since this is one of those images that wasn't date stamped.  This would have been taken from a plane as we landed in Auckland on a return leg from Australia.  In the old days most children would have been given a look into the cockpit and would have met the captain but of course not only has the glamor and uniqueness of air travel dissipated but with security you are unlikely to set eyes on the flight crew at all now a days.

I distinctly remember on one of these trips back to New Zealand, not only was I allowed to visit the cockpit but they let me stay right through landing.  Not bad.  When I was remembering this a few months ago with PND Senior he told me once how he went up to the cockpit on an Air India jumbo and the captain was sitting all alone in the cabin with his feet up on the dash looking out the window.  He was spooning his soup out of a cup and my father asked, "Who's flying the plane?" and the pilot says "Don't worry the autopilot thing is on'.

A more simple time.

Another weekly image from my archive. Click on it to make it larger.

In addition to the images I've posted on Flickr and those I've periodically posted on PND, I have now produced a Big Blurb Book: From the Archive 1960 -1980 of some of the images I really thought were special.

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