Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Promoting Clean Data Health

BISG has announced the publication of a new best practices document: Product Metadata Best Practices for Data Recipients. This publication was prepared over several months by the BISAC Metadata Committee, led by Richard Stark of Barnes & Noble, and was contributed to by a large and diverse group of BISG members including publishers, booksellers, wholesalers and bibliographic agencies. The document is freely available from the BISG website (

Aimed at improving the accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness of data throughout the book supply chain, the publication establishes 14 points of best practice for recipients of product information, including standards for acknowledging receipt of data, best practices for making changes and notifying customers, guidelines for displaying the data, and a basis for helpful and timely communication between data recipients and suppliers. It also includes a glossary of common terms and definitions.

Michael Healy, Executive Director of BISG, noted,
“The prominent role played by BISG and BISAC in promoting high-quality product information in our industry has been established over many years in our work on the ONIX standard, best practice guidelines and more recently data certification. This new document, however, represents a change of focus. For the first time we are highlighting the vital role played by those who receive product information—booksellers, wholesalers and bibliographic agencies—in the overall effort to raise standards. Good product information is a collaboration and this new document sets out clearly what data recipients can do to help our industry sell more books through the provision of good data.”

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