Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gale Launches Content Syndication

Gale has long been an aggregator of news and information content but have recently announced a new program that allows users to visit and register on a web site, chose their content from over 500 subject areas, create a collection of content that is specific to their needs and requirements and then submit this to Gale for quote.
This is an interesting idea and they have had it in beta for several months. (I haven't tried it). What Gale appears to have done is push the content selection process closer to the consumer and away from the internal or sales staff that would have been intensely involved with customers in building content packages. This idea is very similar in concept to the airline reservation sites: Give the customer appropriate and powerful tools and they will do the work for you and possibly be far more satisfied.

The site is named and according to Information Today offers more than 10,000 titles (LINK).

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