Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tivo And Amazon

The NYTimes is reporting this morning that Amazon and TiVo has signed an agreement that will allow TiVo users to purchase via an on-screen menu some of the products mentioned in shows like The Daily Show, Letterman and Tonight. From the article:
In the months ahead, TiVo plans to begin offering this feature to advertisers and programmers, so that the chance to buy products and have them delivered will be presented to viewers during commercials and even alongside product placements during live shows. The move highlights TiVo’s attempt to shift from being a creator of set-top boxes, competing with copycat devices, to being an advertising innovator that is trying to develop advertising technologies for the television industry.
I have two TiVo's neither of which I can use in satellite-less PND Towers. And we are not happy about it.

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