Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kindle Sex

Sillicon Alley Insider (via Booktwo)notes that Amazon is being characteristically coy about the level of porn on sale via the kindle. They note that Amazon is prepared to offer sales rank for most titles but similar ranks are suspiciously lacking for erotic titles. They don't explain how they came about this research but a review of this series of pages on Amazons web site shows no erotica. And this is what you get if you try one of the sales tracking services linked to Amazon services. What are they afraid of?

I may have mentioned that a "sex books in print" is a noted but under served market segment but this list throws up a few more interesting items. Subscriptions to NYTimes and WSJ are in the top 20 (and probably run at a more sustained level than the other titles). With respect to the NYTimes this and the iPhone must spell the death knell for the Times Reader, that mediocre electronic newspaper reader the Times brought out a few years ago. Also of note, is that the title mix includes both adult and young adult titles.

Readers should be aware that battery life is limited.

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