Monday, December 21, 2020

Martyn Daniels

Martyn Daniels passed away suddenly on Friday. He suffered a fatal heart attack and despite the efforts of emergency services he died at home.

I did not know Martyn well but he was a frequent commentator in the book community via his Brave New World blog. He reached out to me on several occasions with positive comments about this blog particularly on posts about digital media. This is something I always appreciated and enjoyed. Martyn preceded me by many years at Ingenta (Vista) and had a few thoughtful comments - mostly concerned with my mental health - when it was announced I was going to work for the company.

In 2010, I was invited to attend the Seoul Book fair and Martyn (and his partner Annie) were also part of the same group. The three of us spent a relaxing five days being escorted around Seoul bookstores, publishers and the conference itself, and we had many interesting and fun meals together with our hosts. 

Martyn had a great enthusiasm for publishing and opinions on many things. I didn't necessarily agree with him all the time but he was consistently supportive of my work here. And I appreciate and will miss that.


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