Thursday, March 14, 2019

Harvard Business Publishing Partners with Degreed

From their press release and interesting announcement from Harvard Business Publishing.
Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and Degreed today announced a partnership to help organizations address their most critical talent development and skill gaps through a personalized, learner-driven solution. The next release of Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ brings together world-class leadership and management expertise with an industry-leading learning platform to help organizations foster a culture of continuous workforce learning. Harvard ManageMentor Spark provides employees with a personalized, learner-driven experience that allows them to explore their interests and develop their skills to keep pace with the ever-changing business world.
 Harvard also has a blog post discussing the fundamentals of personalized learning as they relate to this announcement.  Post.

Readers may also recall my post on continuous and life long learning from late last year:
Three macro-economic changes facing traditional publishers will help open up a market of 200 million potential students far beyond their existing markets.  Expanding their reach beyond college level students to employer-based education, certification and life long learning programs relies on existing competencies but also presents significant operational and strategic challenges.  The rewards will be considerable.

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