Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Creates Development Lab for Blockchain

One of the companies mentioned in my blockchain post is opening the development floodgates with the launch of their developer platform.  From Techcrunch:
It also announced the first company to launch an app out of the lab called Inkrypt. It’s an application designed to provide a way to publish content in a distributed fashion, meaning the article doesn’t live on any particular server. That makes it nearly impossible for sensors to block it.
“The first project to build on is Inkrypt, a global decentralized system providing a censorship-resistant solution for journalism hosting and delivery that will render journalism content permanent and immutable,” CEO Jarrod Dicker wrote in a blog post announcing the launch of Development Labs
 Dicker announced the launch on their web site: is building the protocol for creators. When we talk about creators, we’re not just referring to those who will use the many applications built on top of the protocol for their work. We’re also talking about those who are building the applications on top of the protocol itself. Fostering an ecosystem for creators built by creators will enable people to own and value their content beyond anything that has been achieved on the internet.’s success will not only be a technological advancement, but it will also redefine, philosophically, what it means to be a creator. The era of permanence and reputation will transform the processes of building as we know it, in both how creators produce and the tools in which they use to do it. is a platform of decentralized systems built for attribution, discovery and monetization of digital content. Today, is building a trustless, verifiable and more reputable version of the web. It’s aim is to be the platform for the world’s creative assets, enabling creators, media companies and alike to build and leverage value by using blockchain technology (immutability, reputation and access).


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