Friday, March 15, 2013

42nd Street - The good old days of the mid 1990s

42nd Street Peep Show
This was image was taken in July 1993 was I walked across from Port Authority to Times Square and the image is approximately where MacDonalds now stands if you know the block between 8th and 7th Avenue.  Until the later 1990s the Times square area wasn't as G rated as it is now but I just wish I had taken more photos. 

During this month there was an open air art installation which is why I had my camera with me and the rest of the images showing installation pieces which included placing odd statements of the theater marquees are located here on Flickr.

This one isn't part of the Blurb book I remind everyone about but it will probably be in the next one.

You will notice that a peep was only 25cents in those days.  Something to reflect on.

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