Friday, December 14, 2012

St Joseph's Church, Kaupo Maui 1995

KAUPO MAUI St. Joseph's Church
This church is on the back side of Maui past Hana and on the road to Ulapalakua and is quite desolate.  The church was built in 1862 and when this image was taken in1995 the church had just undergone a recent renovation.  Since then it has apparently fallen into disrepair which isn't surprising since it can't have much of a congregation.  In the back ground is the Haleakala crater rim and the big dip above the church is the Kaupo gap which is where if you hiked from one end of the crater to the other you could come out this gap and hike all the way down to the ocean.  I did that in high school.  Bet it's a lot different going up the gap rather than coming down.

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