Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BISG Report: Consumer Attitudes to E-Books

From BISG the annoucement of the final installment of their study into consumer attitudes towards e-Books.

Available today, the fourth and final installment in Volume Three of BISG's ongoing survey of Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading shows that e-book buyers are continuing to shift toward multi-function tablet devices and away from dedicated e-readers. Tablets have risen by about 25% over the past year as the first choice for respondents' e-reading device, while dedicated e-readers have fallen by the same amount.
In addition to the 45-page PDF Summary Report published today, data from Consumer Attitudes is available as a dynamic online data set via Real-Time Reporting: a unique web-based tool which displays raw data -- drillable, sortable, and accessible whenever you want it.
Other key findings include:
Amazon’s Kindle Fire increased over the past year from no use to be the first choice for more than 17% of e-book consumers. Other Android devices, such as Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Tablet, have also increased, from 2% in August 2011 to nearly 7% in August 2012.
Tablets designed specifically for the purchase and consumption of books excel when it comes to that activity, and underperform for all others.
Almost 60 percent of respondents who currently own a Kindle Fire report that they read e-books “very often,” compared with 50 percent of those who own an iPad.

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