Saturday, April 28, 2012

PND Mascot Charlie

Some of you will recall meeting Charlie when I took him to the office.  On that day, I had an almost all day meeting and I put him in my office by himself.  He wasn't having it and barked constantly until my assistant took him and put him under her desk.  He should have had three more years but then, there are few guarantees in life.  This from Mrs PND:

May 13, 2000 – April 26, 2012

A beautiful dog inside and out, Charlie had a brave heart, an old soul
and an iron will. He exceeded the life expectancy for dogs with
Transitional Cell Carcinoma by almost two years with a cheerful outlook,
a fighting spirit and a patient acceptance of being poked, prodded
and medicated. A peaceful, playful and loving companion to us, Charlie
was a tolerant friend to puppies and small children
and an enemy of squirrels, skateboards and big mean dogs
till the very end.

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