Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outsell Report: Where Next for Textbooks?

Outsell spoke to us about the changes going on in education specifically in the development of custom textbooks and interviewed me for the report.

Here is the summary:
The digital textbook buzz has increased over the past two years, leaving no doubt that the usage of digital textbook content in the education market will increase substantially – predictably at the expense of their print equivalents. This report looks at changes in the textbook market over the last two years and forecasts market developments over the coming five years. The report also provides case studies of some of the key market offerings, discusses how both K-12 and higher education markets for textbooks and content are developing, and examines the potential opportunities and pitfalls for existing players and new market entrants. This report contains:
- Analysis of the textbook market, including graphs, according to format, market subsegment, and geography (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific);
- Graphical representations of the impact of digital textbooks on both the K-12 and higher education supply chains;
- Case studies of some key players: Apple, Cengage Learning: MindTap, CourseSmart, Flat World Knowledge, Kno, Inkling, and Nature Education: Principles of Biology;
- Discussion of market dynamics and key trends, plus market opportunities and threats;
- Essential actions for publishers.
The report is $895 available from Outsell.

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