Monday, December 12, 2011

OCLC Report: Libraries at Webscale

OCLC have released a report they've been working on this year looking at the impact of the web on our rapidly changing information environment.  I was asked to participate as an interviewee, which I found intellectually stimulating, and I'm looking forward to reading the full report (79 pages).

Here is a summary of the purpose of the study and report:
The document examines some of the ways in which the Web has impacted information seeking, and how new cloud-based, Webscale services are now at the center of many users’ educational and learning lives. This document contains views of library leaders and insights from trend watchers who write about the future of the Web.
Included are short essays that express the views of:
  • Leslie Crutchfield, author, speaker and leading authority on scaling social innovation and high-impact philanthropy
  • Thomas L. Friedman, reporter and columnist, and author of The World Is Flat and That Used to Be Us
  • Seth Godin, Internet marketing pioneer and author of We Are All Weird
  • Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, Vice President of Research and Enterprise, and Dean of the Graduate Research School, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland
  • Steven Berlin Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
  • Kevin Kelly, cofounder and Senior Maverick of Wired magazine
  • James G. Neal, Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian at Columbia University
  • Findings from The European Commission on Information Society and Media (ERCIM) on the how cloud computing is impacting the Web
  • The OCLC Global Council on the challenges and opportunities facing libraries today and in 2016
We interviewed dozens of library leaders about the future of libraries and key challenges and opportunities they face today and will face in 2016. Their ideas and quotes are presented and distilled in the report and to provide specific thoughts as to the need for “radical cooperation” in library services. Librarians from a wide variety of library types, across a worldwide geography were consulted. Surprisingly, though, their top concerns and aspirations were often in agreement, regardless of library size, location and type.
Download the full report here.

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