Monday, December 26, 2011

Media Year (Vol 4, No 52) The Year in Review

Looks like I only missed three editions this year:

Week 51: ChromeBooks, Durrell eBooks, Hitchens & Dogs, Unbound & Vogue

Week 50: Khan Academy, Academic Libraries, Harvard Business School, Consumer Reports + More

Week 49: Revamping GED, HS Corporate Marketing, Book Blogging, Pretty Books + More

Week 48: Orwell on Police Actions, Dickens and Economist Book Festival + More

Week 47: Lobbying for On Line Learning, Loan Bubble + More

Week 46: WW I Archive Goes Online, Mrs Beeton's 150, Silicon Valley's Daily, Cookbook Aps +More

Week 45: The New A&R, Problem Biographies, Scan your Books, Education, Libraroes + More

Week 44: Books in Browsers, Photography, Drivel + More

Week 43: Tom Waits, Children's Books, The Booker, "Close the Libraries", Textbooks & Education + More

Week 42: Frankfurt, CS Forester, Martin Amis + More

Week 41: Frankfurt 2011, Indian Authors, Digital Rights,

Week 40: Scholarly Models, Literary Translations, Library usage Data, Fading Creative Class +More.

Week 39: Robert Harris, Dickens, Cultural Decline (or not), Colm Toibin + More

Week 37: Scholarly Publishing, Project Gutenberg, Literary Festivals, Lawsuits, + More

Week 36: Amazon Digital Library, Piracy, Newspaper Disruption, Private Blackboard + More

Week 35: Distance Learning, Libraries and E-Books, Digital Textbooks + More

Week 34: Content Management Systems, Student Knowledge, Textbook Rentals, Archives + More

Week 33: The Chronicle of Higher Ed on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Week 32: Digital Storytelling, Report on Graduate Earning Power, Citation of Wikipedia, Forsyth's Jackal + More

Week 31: Financial resutls: Pearson, Wiley, Wolters Kluwer, Reed Elsevier

Week 30: Arundhati Roy, JSTORE Illegal Downloads, Kaplan's $1.6mm Bill, High Journal Prices, Three Rules of Reviewing + More

Week 29: Library of Congress, Bertelsmann, Michelin Guides, Bookstores, P.G. Wodehouse, Education Funding Report + More

Week 28: Hacking May Cost $100mm, Potter's Last-Not so Fast, Blackboard, Harvard & Social Hot water, Catch22 + More

Week 27: ProPublica's Newspaper Apps, Hemingway, EMI + More

Week 26: Books In Print, Journal Publishing, Joyce, Education and Technology, Area 51 and more.

Week 24: Georgia Copyright Case, Blackboard, HW Wilson, David Mamet's PR Campaign + More

Week 23: Romance or Not, Grief in The Killing, The Value of College, Nordic Crimewave + More

Week 22: Patriot Act, ALA Preview, Revolution Writing + More

Week 21: End of World Edition - An Essay on Privacy, Books & Marketing, Libraries + More

Week 20: Ebooks in the Classroom, Writers Life, Libraries Matter, Bob Marley

Week 19: EBooks on Campus, Jeffrey Archer, LexisNexis Sued, Archiving the Web

Week 18: Higher Ed, Author Promotion, Harper Lee, Libraries + Others.

Week 17: Morrissey, King James, Big Content, Sneering at Genres, Hitch, + More

Week 16: Alberto Vitale, Arab Market eBooks, B2B Magazines.

Week 15: Borders, Indigo

Week 14: Long Distance Learning, OpenSource Textbooks, CCC, Harpercollins

Week 13: Bookclub for the Homeless, Plagiarism or "Creative Reuse", Hollywood, Gallimard, Jean Auel

Week 12: Hay Festival, Reviewers, Heart of Darkness, Alice in NYC,

Week 11: UK Copyright, The Killing, History in the UK.

Week 10: Spy Magazine, Hiaasen, Casino Royale, Curious George and Ryan Giggs

Week 9: Information Concierge, Future of Education Publishing, Blackboard, The $16K/mth Sideline, Blurbs,  Marilyn Monroe

Week 8: Demise of Research Libraries, Online Education, Sir John Soane, Cuban Bookfair

Week 7: Underused eBook features, UK Tuition, Mills&Boone, Coin Art

Week 5: Eadweard Muybridge, Open Courseware, Education Aps, Lexis, Mother Russia, Taschen

Week 4: Changing Higher Ed. Book Awards, Pippi, 007, Forecasting Technology, Michael Lewis

Week 3: UK Libraries, Perceptions of US Libraries, Pearson Acquires, Wolters Kluwer Partner, Libraries in the Cloud

Week 2: ISBN Identification, UK Libraries under threat, Historian Hobsbawm, The Internet and Authors

Week 1: Digital Media Experiments, Murakami, Literary Illusion and Political Correction, Predictions, Cliche

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