Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Beyond the Book: How Social Media is Keeping Alive the Journal Article

From CCC's Beyond to Book series, How Social Media is Keeping Alive the Journal Article:
Scholarly communication is rapidly changing, and information managers in private companies and other sectors are finding new ways to serve their users. Social media, mobile devices, data mining, semantic technologies and other developments are creating a whole new environment for publishing. Yet the old standby – the journal article— seems to have no real rival yet. 
In this edition of special programming from RightsDirect, CCC’s European subsidiary, Madrid-based Victoriano Colodrón speaks with Hervé Basset, a Paris-based expert in scientific information management, who blogs in English and French, and is currently writing a book on social media for the pharmaceutical industry.

Basset tells Colodron how the increasing professional use of social media by company researchers is influencing the use of more traditional sources of information, including scientific journals. He also explains why the growing use of social media is changing the role and the work of corporate information professionals.
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