Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From BISG: Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading - Now Shipping

A comprehensive study of U.S. e-book consumer behavior and preferences:

Since November 2009, BISG’s ongoing Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey has been tracking the habits and preferences of print book buyers who say they have acquired an e-book or dedicated e-reading device within the past 18 months. Companies can use the information gathered in Volume Two, Report 3 of 4 to understand:
  • How did e-books and e-readers fare after the 2010 holiday season?
  • Are e-book sales driving increases or decreases in overall book revenues?
  • What do Power Buyers (those who acquire e-books at least as often as weekly) prefer to use for reading e-books?
  • What devices are they planning to buy in the near future?
  • Where are consumers buying their e-books?
  • How are customers using e-readers versus tablets?
  • Which digital devices are most popular with readers, and why?
  • What features are consumers seeking in the next generation of e-books and digital reading devices?
  • What factors will shape the evolution of this market for the next few years?
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