Friday, April 08, 2011

Diversification at ThomsonReuters?

A good overview of ThomsonReuters and an interview with CEO Tom Glocer in the Gulf News:

The Thomson Reuters' focus on serving professional markets means that its prospects are more linked to the level of professionalization in a given country or market, than its GDP. "If there are more scientists, wealth managers, doctors, lawyers, then the demand for our content and software is correspondingly higher," said Glocer.

"In the more rapidly developing parts of the world you are seeing quite a steep curve of rapid professionalization. People are building legal systems. Think of all the new universities."

"So even if it has less than many countries in Asia in absolute terms, the GCC is significant in terms of rate of growth. In the Middle East our financial information services are still the fastest growing: in double-digits before the recession, and moving back towards double-digits now," he said.

"We have a very global view that our services are intended to go everywhere, but our legal services have to be more tied to the laws and languages of an area. So we have invested in that as a special regional or country service."

"We have just acquired the rights to the leading electronic collection of legal information in Saudi, Rashamoun."

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