Thursday, February 03, 2011

Istanbul 1972: From the air

Istanbul 1972: From the air
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In the PND family archive there are many, many 'from the air' photos and most of the locations are virtually impossible to identify. That is not the case with this image however as it looks to me to be Istanbul from about 15,000 feet. Taken in August 1972 it is a stunning photo and for those most familiar with the city (and I am not) I am sure it provides a window on the past documenting how the expansive city has changed over the past forty years.

We would have been on one of the magnificent Pan Am 747s which circled the globe. One flight traveled clockwise (PA002) and the other counterclockwise (PA001). This flight was probably London, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Tehran, Karachi, Bangkok, HongKong. We got off in HK and traveled south to Sydney and Auckland which was home at the time.

(Little known fact: Flight numbers are odd east to west and even west to east.)
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