Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Job Opportunities

I rarely do this and maybe I should do it a little more. I am often asked to recommend someone or I'm presented with a position that isn't for me and I will forward a name(s) to those asking. I do my best to help out (and I hope that's reciprocated for me personally - and I think it is).

Here are a few positions I have heard of recently:

Senior Director of Research: This position is in the legal market working for a company that provides insight and value added research. The position will be highly visible within the organization and among the responsibilities are the following:
  • Spearhead, direct, and oversee all company research projects from research design to implementation, analysis and product development:
    • including research and surveys for both editorial and commercial projects and broader research efforts, including those related to integrated services and systems that support law firms and vendors.
  • Publish and disseminate research findings, and offer lessons learned on business of law topics to the field by interacting with others external to to gather input into research design and focus.
This position required prior experience managing a research staff and contributing to research projects.

A major publisher is looking for a Corporate level director of digital strategy: This position is for someone very familiar with digital publishing, business strategy and corporate development. Ideally, the person will be 10/15yrs into their career with top tier strategy consulting experience as well as domain (publishing) experience. Located in NYC.

Director of Metadata Services for a large data company. This is a confidential search but if you have management experience, bibliographic database experience, budgeting and staff reporting experience in a complex business organization then this may be of interest.

The position of Linux Systems Administrator will be responsible for implementing and maintaining reliable, scalable and secure Red Hat and Debian based server environments for several product lines and services. The position will require an excellent understanding of common application topologies (including the LAMP stack and Weblogic based 3-tier applications), performance management and capacity planning of a dynamic and complex environment. The ideal candidate will be a proven technical leader with solid operating system administration skills and the ability to maintain a positive attitude while working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

(I have only a casual understanding of what any of that means). There's some light programming as well.

If you are qualified and interested in any of these positions let me know and I will forward your details to the right person. All these positions are with different companies and are being handled by different people.

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