Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Book Movement

This means little but it is intellectually interesting to me: On Sunday night 60Mins had segment on the Armenian mass murder that took place during WW1. During that segment, they noted Armenian Golgotha written by Grigoris Balakian which was written about the atrocity and published in March 2009. On Sunday night the hard cover, paper and Kindle books were ranked 108,172, 42,618 and 21,975 in their respective bookstores. By Tuesday morning, the numbers where significantly changed: 9,201, 2,036 and 7,623. As far out on the sales curve as 102,172 is probably means that any news or pr is likely to move the title significantly up the curve however, the title doesn't seem to have moved as far up in popularity in the Kindle store as it has in the hardcover and paper formats. There's probably some math equation there that explains all.

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