Friday, November 21, 2008

Pardon Me, says Black

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Lord (Conrad) Black, currently residing comfortably at a federal correctional facility in central Florida, has applied to the US Justice Department for a pardon. In the waning days of this tortuous presidency, LB is hoping that like many prior Presidents before him, GWB will cast logic and justice aside (Mark Rich anyone) and grant him his due. I'm betting GWB to be so ignorant that this one will pass him right by. Having said that I bet some of this will form the basis for the argument.

As an update, Lord Black tells us prison isn't so bad after all. It's justice that's all wrong. (TimesOnline)
I enjoy some aspects of my status as a victim of the American prosecutocracy.

My appeal continues. Given the putrefaction of the US justice system, it is an unsought but distinct honour to fight this out and already to have won 85% of the case and 99% of the financial case. The initial allegation against me of a “$500m corporate kleptocracy” has shrunk to a false finding against me - that even some of the jurors have already fled from in post-trial comments – of the underdocumented receipt of $2.9m. There is no evidence to support this charge.

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