Thursday, November 13, 2008

Google's Ancient Project

In my second post about Google in a day, I note the release of Ancient Rome using the Google Earth application. Anyone with a more than a passing interest in history is fascinated by the Roman Empire and its closely related architecture. Google has created Ancient Rome at the time of Constantine (320AD) and users of the application can navigate through the streets of Rome as it was. How cool is that?

Here is a YouTube video and more information.

The company have also launched a competition for educators.
While Google's suite of geospatial tools--Earth, Maps, SketchUp, and Sky--are used daily around the world by educators hoping to bring a fresh perspective to lessons, every once in a while a new product feature comes along that we believe will knock the socks off teachers and students alike! We're proud to announce the Ancient Rome 3D Curriculum Competition in conjunction with a brand new layer in Google Earth that models the ancient city of Rome in unbelievable detail.

For the first time ever, K-12 educators in the United States will have the chance to highlight their creativity and technical know-how by combining this brand new Google Earth content with classic classroom curricula.

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