Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Famous Move Books

During Obama’s 60mins interview on Sunday he mentioned he was reading a lot about FDR’s first administration and specifically about the first 100 days. He didn’t mention a specific title and subsequent commentators have noted the Goodwin book Team of Rivals as a candidate. When Obama mentioned the subject, I checked Amazon for a likely candidate and I thought the book could be Alter’s The Defining Moment. At that point the Amazon ranking for the hardcover was 8961. On Monday it was in the 300’s and Wednesday (today) it is 195.

The NYTimes article from yesterday summed it up perfectly: Bingo. Goodwin's and other titles are mentioned in the article.

This tracking of title performance is becoming something of a sport. It is amazing there isn’t a storefront for endorsed books since all the marketing is done for you. Anyone in the book promotion business knows how important Jon Stewart is to driving book interest but if all of those endorsements from his show and all the others could be collected in an easy to search on-line store maybe the influence would be even more pronounced and longer lived.

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