Friday, October 24, 2008

Oprah Endorses Kindle

Earlier this week, I visited the Amazon site for what I don't recall and on their front page was a video with Oprah's smiling face. In my ignorance, I thought she had already endorsed the Kindle and I had somehow missed it. Silly me. On her show today she announced the gadget has changed her life. Will the endorsement change the sales curve for the product? Probably.

Here is the blurb from the show: (Link)

This summer, Oprah received a gift that she says changed her life. "I'm telling you, it is absolutely my new favorite thing in the world," she says.Meet the Amazon Kindle™, a wireless portable reading device with instant access to more than 190,000 books, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Whether you're in bed or on the train, Kindle lets you think of a book and get it in less than a minute.As a special offer for Oprah viewers, is giving $50 off the price of Kindle. Enter the promotional code OPRAHWINFREY during the checkout process at to receive the discount. This offer is valid through November 1, 2008.Code for $50 off the price of Kindle: OPRAHWINFREY

Go to to learn more and order your Kindle today! Plus, you will receive an additional 10% off the price of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (regularly $9.99 Kindle/$17.63 Hardcover.) No promotional code is necessary. Come back later today for more from this show.

And in shameless merchandising you can visit my bookstore to make your purchase: HERE.

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Michael Herrmann said...

Speaking on behalf of real bookstores everywhere--I officially give up.