Friday, October 01, 2010

Repost: Frankfurt Presentation: Publishing in a Digital Age

Repost Friday and this post originally appeared on October 20th, 2008. Since I am addressing this same meeting on Tuesday I thought I would re-visit the last presentation.

This week I presented at the 30th International Supply Chain Specialists Meeting at the Frankfurt Bookfair. The presentation is available on Slideshare If you click on the notes tab below the slideviewer you will be able to read my verbal comments attributed to each page. Without these comments the presentation is likely to be next to meaningless. (For some reason, you will need to click back from page two to page one to see the notes for page one - looks like a small bug to me).

Also, the presentation was videotaped (here). My video is the second one. The A/V guy starts in on page three for some reason.

It is about a 24 minute presentation. Some seemed to enjoy it and a number of people came up to me at the end although, I wondered why no one asked me who 'Kenneth' was. The other presentations that day were interesting and I will note the link to the editeur site when they are all up.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, thanks for posting the slides/notes to your Frankfurt presentation--very helpful for those of us who didn't make the trip. I think your analysis is spot on, and anyone in publishing who isn't thinking hard about how to expand their business in both horizontal and vertical directions is going to have a very tough time indeed. And although you focused on giant content companies, I think your points are just as valid--if not more so--for small publishers as well. After all, lacking the resources and the comfortable revenue base of large providers, we have to be as nimble and opportunistic as possible just to survive. And that is potentially a big advantage.