Friday, September 12, 2008

We Should be Insulted.

John McCain insulted everyone Democrat and Republican in chosing Gov Palin as his VP choice. I wonder if in flying a mission over Viet Nam he would have chosen a deck hand as navigator?

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Anonymous said...


I'm not so sure you should be insulted! Sure she may not be highly qualified but many examples of unqualified successes suggest that is no big deal.

This focus on the 'outrage' of her being chosen makes it so much easier for her to get away scot free with her policies which I dislike much more than her lack of preparedness.

Seems to me by making the story about her rather than her policies the democrats are falling into a trap!

But then, I'm just an outsider looking in!


PS: I love the line that Damon has, about how the choice was for "political reasons" as if Obama picking Biden was for altruistic reasons!