Sunday, December 16, 2007

LA Times: A Dismal Year (or maybe not)

The LA Times takes a retrospective look at the year in publishing and concludes it was just like the year before the year before.
"Books are news that stay news," Freeman said. "And because there's so much published, they need to be sifted for the public, to see what matters."Overall, as the publishing world looks back on 2007, it's hard to reconcile the unease people feel about the business with the excitement they feel about the books themselves. When he goes to publishing dinners, bookseller Doug Dutton said, the conversation swings between lamenting the state of the business and exclaiming joy over a new novel or history."It's about as murky a picture as I've seen," said Dutton. Then he amended that slightly: "Sort of like last year and the year before."

The newspaper also manages to speak to a publisher other than Jane Friedman.

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