Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Judy Does It

Forgive me for thinking that common sense would prevail but on the heals of admitting to NYDN that she 'wanted out of the spot light' Judith Regan has dropped a $100mm lawsuit on HarperCollins. Not your ordinary defamation/wrongful dismissal lawsuit she has gone to the thriller play book and selected 'political conspiracy' to add to the more prosaic "sex with a married police officer who happens to be the best mate of the mayor" Oh, and the mayor is now running for President. Sounds like a book contract to me! Get Patterson on the line maybe he could work up a treatment.

For most of us in NYC we know the details already but we can all expect the story to play like back-ground music in the elevator over the next 12 mths in the run up to the election. On cue, Judy will jump 'into the limelight' (like some momentous wind instrument in aforesaid elevator music) with something sensational that she thinks will help her case but will only serve to make herself look increasingly pathetic.

My guess, HarperCollins will not settle and Judy will implode on the witness stand.

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