Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hachette Vert

The Bookseller is reporting that Hachette livre UK is moving to firm sale on their back-list by the end of 2008. The company expects to consult with retailers on this implementation but Hachette is wielding the weapon of "Greenery"and thus have right on thier side. The Bookseller, calls the approach 'radical' and it is certainly unusual in the publishing world but in reality backlist sales are by nature far more stable than front list and the proposal shouldn't cause too much debate or controversy. (Expect to see other publishers follow suit).

The Bookseller went on to explain that this new proposal is only part of Hachette's Green policy,
Hachette has also commissioned the Carbon Trust to advise it on a long-term strategy to improve its energy emissions. It has already embarked on a range of initiatives, including persuading its head office landlords to re-engineer its office lighting system so that night-time lighting is restricted to areas occupied by members of staff; introducing dual fuel ‘hybrid’ cars into its company car fleet; and encouraging reduced use of cars.

Hachette are also revising their paper sourcing polices to follow accepted Green practices.

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