Friday, November 02, 2007

Center of Her Own Attention

Americans remain blissfully unaware of the talent of Manchester United and England football player Wayne Rooney. On the football pitch, Wayne has few rivals and he is a sports personality whose talent transcends sport to media superstardom. Even as a better player than David Beckham, he will never rival him as a star: He doesn’t have the looks, but he will be big. On the other hand, his girlfriend/fiancee may become bigger than Victoria Beckham and the glow of Wayne’s stardom has reflected on her since they were engaged when she was 17. You see, 21-year-old Colleen McLoughlin has reportedly just signed a five-book deal with Harpercollins. Admittedly this is on the back of her successful autobiography Welcome to My World (Oopps, I almost typed “Wayne” there…) but, without Wayne would there have been an autobiography at 20 years old?

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