Monday, November 19, 2007

Borders Loyalty Program

Mrs PND received a quite extraordinary promotional email from Borders Books this weekend which indicated that she had been selected to receive a package of substantial partner benefits just because she was a Borders Rewards member. Aside from the fact she has no recollection being a rewards member, the Borders Rewards Perks program offers substantial benefits to "rewards members like you" it says. If you go to the perks site linked to above you will find many many discount programs which regrettably seem to be perfectly targeted to Mr. & Mrs. PND's lavish lifestyle.

It is hard to understand what they are trying to achieve with this program. Perhaps they are attempting to mimic the 'retail emporium' that is in advance of launching their own web site. Or it could be a simple attempt to capture as many web consumers as possible so that they can promote the launch of the web site to an even broader base of customers.
Affiliations are often effective for merchandising and brand extension but the sheer number of bonus and discount offers seems excessive. Few if any of these appear to be 'for our Borders rewards customers only' and, as such the list of benefits may be a nice consolidation of existing discount and bonus programs. (Hey thanks!).
Some of these expire soon so hurry to your nearest Borders website so you can shop elsewhere.

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