Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on Harpercollins'

A few weeks ago I had a post on the new authors site being launched by Harpercollins UK. Victoria Barnsley the HC UK CEO was on BBC Radio 4 talking about it. Here is the link. Her piece is about half way through the program. Meet the Author is also profiled.

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Anonymous said...

In this article on the bookseller magazine, it says that there is going to be a league system. I think this may not just be an online slushpile, but really more about the wisdom of crowds for books.


Anonymous said...

The only online slush pile that actually promises to listen to 'the wisdom of crowds' is

Anonymous said...

I prefer It's not a slushpile, just a good place to get helpful feedback from fellow authors and readers. I don't want to compete with other authors, I want to learn from them.

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