Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wikert on E-Book Platforms

Joe Wikert reflects on the Sony E-Book Reader and the recent reports on the imminent launch of a Amazon E-Book reader.

Even if a killer device existed today there are far too many cons working against the ebook platform for it to succeed at print book pricing levels. In fact, if something doesn't change soon, the entire concept of a meaningful ebook sector (as opposed to the rounding error it is in the publishing world today) will be laughed at the same way we all chuckle when we think about the "paperless office.

Personnally, I don't see how any stand alone reader is going to succeed especially at the price Sony is looking for. As Exact Editions points out the i-Phone (or perhaps some equally multi-function device) is the best option for ebook (and e-periodical) content.

Then there is the pricing issue....


Anonymous said...


Agree with the perspective.

Seems like exact editions has it right on the nose too. Especially with the new ipod touch being wi fi enable and having the ability to but music on the go.


Anonymous said...

Joe's point about pricing is spot on, but it's only part of the equation.

Although I completely agree that devices like the iPhone and iPod touch provide huge opportunities for content publishers,the point is that the problem isn't with the devices, the problem is in the way we publisher still think about what an ebook is.