Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Publishing News - An Explanation

When I was at PriceWaterhouse (1995-99), I thought of using this new fangled Internet thing to seek news and information about the publishing industry that I could then summarize in an email and distribute it to my colleagues and the Partners at PW. (No Google then). Our business unit was established to build consulting relationships with major publishing and information companies and I believed that my email news letter (Publishing News) would be useful to the team in understanding the publishing landscape and the key people in the industry.

I kept all of these emails and decided to add them to this blog as supplementary information for some of my readers who from time to time may need background information on certain publishing companies. Regrettably, when I joined Bowker I didn't have the time to keep this up and there is a rather large gap between the end of Publishing News and the start of this blog. It is what it is.

Publishing News 1997-8
Publishing News 1999

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