Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Book Videos

In a recent post, I noted the launch of some video content promoting books. The NYT reports today about how this is becoming more and more prevalent. What is interesting is that these videos are considered content not advertising, although the article does note that the edges between the two are starting to blur. Here is one for Stuart: A Life Backwards. Some mainstream advertisers have recently allowed individuals to create advertising for them - in a somewhat controlled manner - and these efforts have resulted in some remarkable refreshing advertising. The NYT article mentions a contest that sought book video ads/trailers from film students undertaken last year. Wouldn't it be interesting for Harpercollins (to use an easy example) to speak to their MySpace colleagues about capturing the creative output of the Myspace population to create homegrown videos for books. Some might call that synergy.

Also on The Times website today is an article on a 'see inside the book' application from Harpercollins.

(Why I had to go search for these ads and they weren't linked to in the NYT article is a mystery to me. Hitting on the VNU link - owner of The Bookstandard - got me a share price quote. How awesome!).

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