Thursday, January 17, 2013

Everything is a Service Presentation

"Everything is a service" (Redux) from Sylvain Cottong

Consultant Sylvain Cottong's presentation on the evolving development of 'service' as a products defining attribute and in this presentation he takes us through how you might define a service as a product.
A new marketing paradigm ⤑  The basis of all exchange is service ⤑  Goods are a distribution mechanism for service provision ⤑  Value is always co-created with“Evolving to a New the customerDominant Logic for ⤑  A service-centered view is inherently customer oriented andMarketing” relationalPublication of an award-winningarticle by Stephen Vargo and RobertLusch in a 2004 edition of Journal of ⤑  Value-in-use replaces value-in-Marketing exchange

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