Friday, November 09, 2007

Harpercollins and IPhone Deal

Harpercollins announced they have built an application that will enable book excerpts to be made available on the iPhone. It is the only deal of its type between a publisher and Apple for this content and the excerpts will be available on the iPhone and the iTouch using the Safari browser or Apple's new web applications site. In addition to text excerpts readers will be able to hear audio excerpts and hear interviews with the authors. Apple has said it has no plans to extend this deal to other publishers (although that sounds more like "no one else has asked" to me). The Bookseller is saying this is exclusive.

The Harpercollins UK announcement coincides with today's UK/European launch of the iPhone.

"Victoria Barnsley, chief executive officer and publisher of HarperCollins UK, said of the iPhone: "With its large screen and tactile nature, I believe it could be the breakthrough device for consuming digital product on the go and brings us closer to the ultimate e-book dream."

According to the company, 15 books are being made immediately available for the UK launch of the iPhone including Lewis Hamilton: My Story (he drives cars) and Playing with Fire by Gordon Ramsey (he used to play football and now cooks for a living).

Each excerpt, which we represent about 5% of the total content will be free with the remaining 95% available for purchase and download.

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