Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BookExpo America Conference Agenda

The pre-show education and seminar program has been announced by BookExpo America and I wanted to draw attention to my contribution. A few months ago, I thought it would be interesting to hear from some publishers who are using blogging to get their message out and to understand the issues, surprises and successes. The organizers have used my idea to build a program around this theme and I hope you will join us and support the rest of the program.

Here is the day/time and description of the seminar. As you can see, I will be supported by a purposely divergent group of publishers.

Thursday, May 31, 2007
2:30 – 3:30 PM
Corporate Social Media Platforms: A Case for Publisher Participation
Corporations in all industries are experimenting and effectively using social networking tools to build product awareness, communicate and converse with customers and experiment. In the publishing environment, books provide an easy platform for the many individual consumer and author blogs that exist – and there are many – but what of the publishers?
For publishers, the question is not whether they should be involved in social networking activities (blogs, RSS, podcasts, etc.) but HOW should they go about experimenting and launching effective social network programs. This session provides an overview of the activities of various publishers and provides a window on their motivations, successes and expectations. Audience members will hear how these publishers are creating a ‘social’ identity to leverage their brand, content and authors and support marketing and sales goals.

Moderator: Michael Cairns, Information Media Partners
Karen Christensen, CEO, Berkshire Publishing
Jimmy Behrle, The Overlook Press
Mike Hyatt, CEO, Thomas Nelson
Carrie Kania, Publisher Harper Perennial, Harpercollins

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