Thursday, October 08, 2020

NYU Business School Professor Scott Galloway on the Future of HEd

To kick of this week's virtual ASU+GSV Education Summit, they asked NYU Stern business school professor Scott Galloway to set the stage for education in a time of COVID.  And he doesn't disappoint in identifying how warped higher education has become in valuing the wrong key metrics - such as admission rates and failing to address the disparity in administrator compensation and the tuition cost of education.  There is much more in this video:

The video is full of excellent information and scathing opinion:

  • NYU boasts that it turns away 89% of applicants - that's like a shelter saying they turned away 9 of 10 homeless people last night
  • Higher Education is an "agent of caste" in the US (and not in a good way)
  • Stanford is basically run as a hedge fund and should be taxed that way
  • Administrators are on a march to 'reduce accountability and increase compensation'
  • Equates the top US schools to luxury brands which adopt scarcity as a key component of their business model
  • Harvard sells the most expensive content streaming service (at $49,000) the world has ever seen

Well worth a listen.

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