Wednesday, August 29, 2012

US Open Tennis 1972: Evonne Goolagong, Stan Smith, Billie-Jean King +more

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Oct_1972_ (7)Oct_1972_ (36)Oct_1972_ (18)Oct_1972_ (17)Oct_1972_ (12)Oct_1972_ (34)
US Open Tennis 1972, a set on Flickr.
Mr and Mrs PND are off to the US Open tomorrow. Here is the archive set from 1972 when PND Senior went to see some of the greatest players ever: Ashe, Laver, Evert, Smith. I've only been twice before (and the second time we were rained out). The first time in 1996 was fun and the tickets were $20 which is less than a hamburger will cost me tomorrow. We'll have fun nevertheless and if I can photo half as many stars as this set I will be pleased with myself .

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