Monday, March 10, 2008

Espresso Book Machine Perks Up in Canada

John Mutter at Shelf-awareness has a great 'real-life' article about the implementation of the Espresso Book machine at the University of Alberta bookstore. From his article:
Although the cost has been significant, the University of Alberta Bookstore, Edmonton, Alberta, which installed an Espresso Book Machine last November, has found the POD machine to more than meet expectations, according to Todd Anderson, director of the Alberta Bookstore, who spoke at a seminar at the CAMEX show and National Association of College Stores meeting in San Antonio, Tex., last week.The benefits of the Espresso machine have been both tangible and intangible. "The machine is a symbol of change for a lot of our professors and students," Anderson said. "They are very excited."At the same time, the store printed more than 50 titles in the first three months of operation, saved students buying some of the textbooks significant amounts of money and has kept the machine humming. The production model that the Alberta store has is "a workhorse and just what we need," Anderson said. "We are running flat out."
The article goes on to endorse the use of the machine as a tourist attraction but more importantly as an important new tool for the bookseller. They do suggest there are some issues with the work-flow particularly the binding process but the store appears convinced that the machine will be an important part of their customer service delivery.

BTW: Todd Anderson was head of the Canadian Booksellers Association and is one of the best advocates for the retail book industry and an all around good guy.

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Anonymous said...

Todd Anderson appeared at the BookNet Technology Forum on March 6th. His slide deck and mp3 of his lecture are available here:

(He was away from the microphone at the beginning -- it gets better after the first few minutes. And he is, indeed, a lovely guy.)