Monday, August 13, 2007

Japan Bought 331% More Books on Phones in 2006

New publishing models abound if you just look hard enough for them. We have mentioned before the success that e-book producers have had in Japan selling e-books segment by segment on phones and here is some proof of the success:
Mobile phone sales of electronic books, including manga, grew 331.3% from 1.6billion yen (about US$14 million) to 6.9 billion yen (US$58 million) in 2006. The non-phone Internet sales of electronic books grew 69.7% from 4.8 billion yen (US$41 million) to 8.1 billion yen (US$68 million).
The Digital Content Association that reported the results expect sales to reach $100mm by year end. Not too shabby.

Tip of the Hat to Nick Bogaty.

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