Monday, December 07, 2009

JISC E-Books and Education Study

This report was noted in my summary of last weeks news items but for those who missed it here are some summary bullets from the executive summary (JISC).
  • 52,000 respondents
  • Over half of respondents said the last eBook they used was provided by the library
  • Demand for short loan collection print titles significantly exceeds supply
  • Librarians see eBooks as viable 'safety valve' for short loans
  • E-Books offer greated convenience: almost 1/3 of total pages are viewed off campus
  • Effectiveness of E-Content frequently diminished by bad UI and limited functionality
  • Usage of E-textbooks significantly different: fact checks, look-ups not continuous reading
  • Business models complex and often inappropriate
  • Usage varies by subject
  • [Controversially] E-books compliment rather than substitute for print versions
  • UK Student spending on textbooks has fallen 20% in three years.
  • Discover tools and access via library catalogs is insufficient.

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