Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boeing Boeing Gone

My family did a lot of traveling when I was young. We moved clockwise around the world starting in 1968 when we moved to Thailand, and with the grand parents back in the UK we traveled back to the UK every few years. Dad worked for a company owned by Pan Am which made travel free and as our travel experiences coincided with the launch of the 747 we spent many hours flying in these fantastic aircraft.

I've been scanning some old photos and came across this one of the Pam Am 747 Clipper Intrepid (N749PA). This photo was taken in Honolulu in December 1980 and out of curiosity I tried to track the aircraft down. Since you can find anything out on the internet, it turns out the name of the aircraft was changed to Clipper Dashing Waves and was finally taken out of service in 1991. Sadly, it's last resting place was far less glamorous than Honolulu. (Photo)

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